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Super Bowl of Networking - January 8th 2013

21 Jan 2013 12:39 PM | Deleted user

What a way to kick-off the year with a high energy, informative and fun event presented by Gene DeFilippo, former athletic director at Boston College and Diane Darling, author of Networking Survival Guide and Networking for Career Success. We are so thankful to the British Consulate-General of Boston for being our gracious hosts.

There was a lot of action during the pre-game show.  CBS Sunday was there taping the event and interviewing our members.  The buffet was scrumptious and people were ready to Network.

This unique mash-up between Networking and Football kept the audience completely engaged.  Here is a run down...

During the 1st Quarter we learned from Diane about handshakes, a simple 1-2 pump will do, eating vs. Networking, so eat before you go, and the bottom line really is to simply go.  Get out there and Network. Gene taught us all about moving down the field to score and explained all about downs, running passes and field goals.

The 2nd Quarter was all about relationship building and the transference of trust.  The key is to build the relationship before you need it.  Always follow-up.  Take 15-20 minutes within the following days to reach out to your new contacts.  Be persistent yet gracious, if someone is not returning your calls or emails, it may be time to move on.  Diane uses a 3 strike rule...if she reaches out 3 times and has not been responded to she simply realizes this may not be the right time for that contact.   Gene brought us up to speed on safety, uniforms, referee signals and penalties.

The half-time show was brought to us by Diane Darling and an interview with Suzy Kitchens the British Consulate-General of Boston.  The primary focus of the British Consulate is to promote trade and they were wonderful hosts for our event.

In the 3rd Quarter we learned how to effectively get into a conversation with someone and also how to politely get out of a conversation with someone and move onto your next new contact.  Always be sure to make eye contact, slow your pace down to conversation level and open with something you have in common; for example the event you are both at.  Another tip is around strategic networking by volunteering for a great organization like ASTD or be the speaker, use social media or be the conduit and connect people to one another.  Gene explained the various positions held by the players on the field and the offense vs. defense line-up.

The 4th quarter was all Football terminology, the different types of plays teams make and Follow-up.  Diane was right when she says that taking the time to follow-up with the contacts you made can be a real game changer.  Make sure you don’t drop the ball with that one!

As for the post-game show, Diane advised to always have a question ready for the speaker. 

Our warmest Thanks to Diane, Gene, The British-Consulate General of Boston and CBS Sunday.  We definitely scored a touch-down with this line-up and it was a tremendous way to kick-off 2013.

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