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The Principles and Implications of Visual Literacy and Information Design on Visual Learning and the Delivery of Information

18 Mar 2013 8:43 AM | Deleted user

The New England Area ASTD Conference is coming up on April 25th and 26th and will be held in Chelmsford.  We had two lucky recipients at the meeting that will get to attend for free.  To register use the following link

Please note there will be no chapter meeting in April.

The Greater Boston Chapter is committed to building on our competencies that were defined at the last meeting and will have speakers that have talks geared towards our model.  These meeting topics, Social Media and Visual Literacy, drew from several competencies on the new model including instructional design, training delivery and learning technologies.

The Tech Talk was delivered by Bill Shander, Founder and CEO of Beehive Media.  His focus was on Social Learning.  Social learning is simply learning by having a dialogue and it is the future…so get onboard!

The great thing about Social Learning is that it is peer-driven and creates community and it is all about learning that happens outside formal structure or the classroom.  Social Learning is not a new concept.  It is really Enterprise Social Networking and it’s a major transformation in how business is getting done.  Many of you may have experienced it already with JIVE, Yammer or Acquia in the workplace.  Enterprise Social Networking can be likened to FaceBook for the enterprise or workplace.  You can do similar things like create a profile, share, make comments, etc.  It is all about connecting, communicating and collaborating!  The other great thing is you can access these sites from any network so you are always learning.

To get started in your organization:

  • 1.     Choose the simplest, quickest and easiest tool and just START!
  • 2.     Pilot with a small group
  • 3.     Make it cross-functional
  • 4.     Build a culture
  • 5.     Grow Commitment

Remember – it’s about Content-Connection-Collaboration-Community.

Our Keynote speaker for the evening was Domenic Screnci, Ed.D, Executive Director for Educational Technology, Training and Outreach in Information Services and Technology at Boston University.  His talk was entitled Visual Literacy and Information Design for the Instructional Designer.  Domenic was a Medical Photographer in a previous life and captured our interest with his engaging imagery.  He is himself a visual learner and an expert at conveying learning through instructional design.  The reason visual literary is so important is that 30% of our brain is dedicated to visual processing.  Visual tools help transform information into knowledge.

Another way to think about visual literacy is to let your learners see what you are saying.  It is important to know your audience and then design for them.  Some important things to consider:

-Be culturally aware

-Use Perspective

-Design along the Visual-Verbal continuum

-Convey realism through images and illustrations

From a graphic design perspective when creating be sure to use visual discrimination (both form and color) and balance.  Gestalt psychology can be summed up by “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

This research and experimentation in the areas of “Perception” by investigating the significance of:

  • ·       Visual Patterns
  • ·       How the human organism sees
  • ·       Organizes visual fields
  • ·       Articulates visual output

Gestalt principles are proximity, similarity, continuity and closure.

Click here for Domenic’s beautifully visual slide presentation that makes the concepts come to life and also his recommended books on the subject.

Thank you to both of our speakers for their engaging, thought provoking presentations and your support of our chapter.

See you in May!


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