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Engagement is important - start with strong Onboarding

08 Oct 2013 6:00 PM | Deleted user

Presenter: Alicja Januszewicz, Ph.D, Training Leader, Boston Scientific

Over the last decade research has demonstrated that a strong onboarding program leads to positive outcomes for new employees, such as higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment, reduced stress, and lower intent to quit.
As we are paying more and more attention to engagement, onboarding has become a key element in building an engaged employee population from the day one. Why does onboarding end up on the bottom of our “to do” list? It is because it requires consistent approach, constant updating and lots of work.
It took Boston Scientific over a year to build an effective Global Onboarding Program. Easy to use and engaging with social approach, the program gives BSC an opportunity to ensure that their employees have a positive experience within the first 120 days. That allows them to: assimilate to BSC faster, become engaged sooner, increase speed-to-productivity and reinforce
 their decision to having joined BSC.
During her presentation, Alicja Januszewicz, Ph.D with Boston Scientific shared with yus the power of onboarding, best practices, and global challenges that you may encounter when designing, developing or implementing an onboarding program in your organization.

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