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A Dialogue with Cristin Crain of Nuance Communications - A 2013 ASTD BEST Award Winner -

10 Dec 2013 6:00 PM | Deleted user

2014 Board of Directors GBASTD:

Nancy Giard, 2013 President, ASTD Greater Boston presented the 2014 Board of Directors to the membership and received approval as follows:

Karen Potischman, President

Dan Collier, VP Programs

Patrice Hollinger, VP Communications

Brenda Wornum Moore, VP Membership

Tom Martin, VP Social Media

Kathy Galvin, VP Technology

Bill Schoenberg, VP Finance

Nancy Giard, Past President

Just How Did Nuance Communications Win a 2013 ASTD BEST Award?

Nuance has grown from having no formalized corporate education and a zero budget to a full-service corporate university staffed by seven. Learn how they overcame the same pressure we all face ... communicating the results of learning to corporate executives.

How did they establish and implement Best Practices in L&D during this journey?
1. Using technology and online learning to minimize training costs ...
100% of their training budget goes to online learning!

2. Ensuring that training is cost effective and aligned with corporate goals

3. Capturing the metrics that executives care most about

4. Building executive support for L&D

Also joining us was Phil Konecki of YMCA Training, Inc. – YMCA of Greater Boston. Phil gave us a brief presentation on the fine work being done through his organization in:

1. Helping unemployed individuals get back to work through office skills

2. Promoting a talent pool of skilled, diverse professionals representing all of
greater Boston’s communities

3. Supporting candidates through mentoring, resume writing, interview
practice, internships, and job placement assistance.

As Business Development Manager at YMCA Training Inc., Phil works intensively with people in job transition. His aim is to help them become the best informed and best prepared job seekers in the marketplace. Phil focuses on helping each candidate identify the unique strengths and passions they can’t wait to offer their next employer.

Developing ways for professional people to become part of this process is at the heart of what he does. Some of the opportunities he’s developed for interested volunteers include focus groups to drive curriculum changes and updates; a program in which industry experts help trainees rework their resumes and develop their interview skills; and a mentoring program for trainees beginning their internship experience.

Phil’s commitment is to creating a collaborative, mutually beneficial experience between trainees and expert volunteers.

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