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Team Innovation - "Miracle" presented by Stephanie Mello, Vice President, The Employee Engagement Group

11 Feb 2014 11:22 AM | Deleted user

The word “Coach” creates different images and definitions for each of us. We think about how we’ve been coached and the instances where we’ve coached others. Many of us are engaged in coaching activities regularly in our learning and development roles.

In our February GBASTD learning event, Stephanie Mello, VP of Client Engagement at The Employee Engagement Group, presented the coaching success of Herb Brooks, Head Coach of the gold medal winning 1980 US Men’s Olympic Hockey Team. Brooks was depicted in the Disney film “Miracle” and Stephanie shared clips from the movie that demonstrated his unique and sometimes unconventional approach to coaching his team.

The more than thirty members in attendance joined in discussions around effective coaching techniques, how we might employ some of Brooks’ methods, and where we would clearly avoid his tactics. The session was titled “Team Innovation” and we certainly explored innovative views and actions to coaching a team to success.

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