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“Bright and Shiny Things...” - July Member Event

21 Jul 2014 12:57 PM | Deleted user

Many organizations elect to suspend their member events throughout the summer. This week, ATD of Greater Boston decided to test the notion that people are unavailable or less interested in meeting. To our pleasant surprise, we disproved the assumption and drew a full house of 45 attendees to participate in our ”Mixed Media in Training” learning event presented by James Ringrose, CEO and Chief Storyteller of Real Cool TV Productions. Video is becoming a major component in learning programs and James provided some research-based insights to explain why. In addition to different learning styles/preferences, personality type and generational difference are greatly impacting how we learn. Attention spans are shrinking, younger generations want rapid access to information and the pace of change is ever increasing. As learning professionals, we must consider a vast selection of medium to create and deliver desired performance. Video provides us with yet another arrow in our quiver.

James’ presentation (PDF):

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