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  • 15 Nov 2012 10:07 AM | Deleted user

    The November 2012 meeting was quite successful with three engaging speakers and ample opportunity to network.

    Amy Wood, Psy.D, co-Founder of Speak Performance, Portland, Maine presented: Tech Talk:  Life Your Way:10 Principles for Success in a Fast-paced World.

    The Key Note Presentation: Mentoring Circles "Thinking of Creating a Mentoring Program? Mentoring Circles are an Excellent Option!"  was presented by JoAnn Buscemi, L&D Project Manager, PAREXEL  and Alicja Januszewicz Ph.D., Employee Development – Design and Delivery Group member, Boston Scientific HQ. We learned about their structured program and how you to implement it in our companies.

  • 21 Oct 2012 4:57 PM | Deleted user
    Our second fall meeting was a tremendous success with a great turnout. Cammy Bean, Vice President of Learning Design, Kineo delivered a timely Tech Talk presentation featuring straight forward ideas and strategies for adding life to e learning tools. She offered suggestions on strategies the audience could use to maximize engagement with minimal investment.

    Our featured Key Note speaker, G. Riley (Gary) Mills, COO and Co-founder Pinnacle Performance Company, provided the audience with tools and techniques they could use to become more influential communicators. Utilizing his own skills as a professional actor, Gary explained the “Pin Drop Principle: Getting Your Audience to React the Way You Want”. With the help of some volunteers from the audience, he demonstrated how communicating your message with strong intention and ensuring your words, voice and body language support that intention, it is possible to become a more effective speaker regardless of the setting.

    In addition to our wonderful speakers, we announced a raffle that would take
    place that night for non-members who were in attendance. By simply submitting a business card to the drawing, qualified attendees were eligible to receive a complimentary one-year membership to ASTD. Additional raffles will be taking place in November and December, so be sure to tell your friends and co-workers who are considering joining ASTD that this opportunity awaits them at our upcoming meetings!

    Finally, we would like to thank Cornerstone On Demand for sponsoring the October 9th meeting. Cornerstone On Demand is a global leader of cloud-based talent management software solutions.

    Here are a few of the comment received by attendees:

    "...out of all the meetings and seminars I've gone to, Cammy Bean’s ideas have a strong influence on how I would like to approach elearning."

    "Best keynote (Gary Mills) I have ever participated in."

  • 11 Sep 2012 6:00 PM | Deleted user
    September Meeting: Tips & Tools for Back to School

    Tech Talk: How to make a Prezi
    (You'll never want to go back to PowerPoint)  Our favorite tool of 2012 is Prezi! Nancy Giard gave us an in-depth look at this incredibly simple and free PowerPoint alternative. N
    Presentation: Back to School Tips and Tools
    Diane Darling and Nancy Giard presented highlights, ideas and best practices gathered from presentations made by thought-leaders like Jim Collins, John Kao, Jane Bozarth, Tony Bingham, Elliott Masie and Heidi Grant Halvorson. Attendees found out what trainers have in common with Jazz musicians, heard the latest trends for working effectively with SME's and learned about free National ASTD Member Resources.

  • 30 Jun 2012 11:23 AM | Deleted user
    We concluded our busy year of formal monthly meetings with a relaxed networking social on Tuesday, June 26. The crowd enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones in the magnificent setting of the Turner Hill Country Club in Ipswich. EBSCO Publishing, based in Ipswich, MA, graciously hosted this event and gave a brief overview of their company to the gathering. The attendees enjoyed the historical building and grounds, making new friends, as well as the scrumptious cuisine and beverages. Stay tuned for details of additional networking events to be scheduled.

  • 15 May 2012 10:19 PM | Deleted user
    The Strategic Value of Learning in the Global War for Talent
    Link to Free Low Cost eLearning Tools
    Link to Shawn Stiles Presentation

    May Meeting Marks the Culmination of a Season of Engaging Speakers and Networking 

     In the past, May has signaled the wrap-up of an enthusiastic season of networking and learning, marked by engaging speakers that stimulated and educated our minds.  The May milestone meeting didn't disappoint.

    Shawn Stiles launched the evening's events with his Tech Talk "Extending Your Development Tools:  Using Free and/or Low Cost Tools."  His broad exploration of development, graphics, audio recording and simulation tools included gems such as, Poladroid, Snagit, Jing, Screenr, Audacity, Xtranormal, and several others. We are all still wondering how he covered so much in so little time.  In the words of one attendee:  "Engaging presenter. Moved at a great pace.  Spent just enough time on each piece of software."

    After an energetic networking break, the nearly 50 attendees regrouped to listen to the keynote speaker, David Wilkins, an active contributor to the online community and corporate learning industries.  Wilkins engaged the audience with a lively discussion, loaded with information that supported his topic "The Strategic Value of Learning in the Global War for Talent."  His discussion included the importance of getting the attention of company leaders to focus on the "strategic importance of talent and learning practices" to address demographic, technological, cultural, and economic changes that global businesses are facing today.

    "Simply fantastic!" commented one member of the audience on the evening's events.

    The Strategic Value of Learning in the Global War for Talent
    David Wilkins, Vice President of Taleo Research

    For years, learning professionals, like most of their HR colleagues, have been looking for a seat "at the table."  And for years, they have had very little success in getting into the room, let alone grabbing a seat. Fortunately, the opportunity has never been better: a combination of demographic, technological, cultural, and economic changes are increasing the strategic importance of talent and learning practices and more importantly, the "perceived" importance among CEO's and senior executives.

    Bio: David Wilkins has been a thought leader in the online community and corporate learning industries for more than 15 years.  Through the development of award-winning simulation technology, LMS solutions, and social collaboration offerings, he has pioneered many innovative approaches to solve common workplace challenges, such as employee productivity and performance, recruiting and retention, and corporate communications.

    Tech Talk:
    Using Free and Low Cost Tools to Extend Your Development Toolkit

    Shawn Stiles, Associate Director Quality Standards and Training Group Regulatory Affairs, Pfizer Global Research and Development

    This presentation will discussed various freeware and shareware tools and low cost tools that you can use to enhance your development suite. This covered graphics packages, authoring tools, screen capture and other tools.

    Bio: M. Shawn Stiles is a Trainer and Instructional Designer with over 15 years experience in training and development. Shawn received his certification as a distance educator from New York University, his Bachelor of General Study's degree from the University of Connecticut and his Masters Degree in Education and E-Learning from the University of Phoenix Online, and is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • 21 Feb 2012 9:03 AM | Deleted user

    February 2012 Meeting
    Emotional Intelligence for Decision Making & Designing eLearning Storyboards

    We had an amazing meeting on February 21, with over 83 people attending our presentations, networking with peers, and enjoying refreshments.

    During the Tech Talk, Lauren Prisco, Executive Vice President of Custom Training Solutions, Navis, shared best practices in “Designing eLearning Storyboards.” In addition to presenting examples of storyboard formats, Prisco highlighted several practical tips for storyboarding and working with developers. For example, she recommended providing sufficient details in your story boards to reduce the amount of back and forth with developers.

    The keynote speaker, Lou Russell, President and CEO, Russell Martin & Associates, kept the audience entertained with her engaging and humor-filled presentation  “Emotional Intelligence for Decision Making.” Attendees examined their own emotional triggers, learned how these triggers can lead to brain shut down, and discussed how to mitigate reactions to these triggers. Russell related Emotional Intelligence to Multiple Intelligences theory and the popular DISC quadrant behavioral model. She illustrated how these theories can be used successfully to help people learn to work together more effectively.

    Click Here to Download Lou Russell's Emotional Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

    At our March 20 meeting, six members will share something that's had an impact or how they solved a problem or enhanced a process. Click here to register for Member Showcase Presentations.

  • 17 Jan 2012 11:09 AM | Deleted user
    Superpowers of Learning & State of the Industry
    When: 17 Jan 2012   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    Over 60 people attended the recent ASTD Boston meeting on January 18, 2012. Several of those present were attending their first meeting.

    The Tech Talk presenter was Anders Gronstedt, President of the Gronsted group in Colorado, whose topic “The Five Superpowers of Learning for the Digital Age” was both entertaining and inspiring.  He presented the five design principles of the Digital Age and showed examples of each:
     1: 3D Immersive
    2: Gamification
    3. Social
    4. Story
    5. Mobile learning

    The group was treated to a demonstration of Second Life where Gronsted interacted with a colleague in Colorado.

    Click here to see Anders Grondstedt's presentation.

    "Here are a few questions our members asked Anders Grondstedt after his well-received January 17th presentation, The 5 Superpowers of Learning for the Digital Age)."  He will be a keynote speaker at the April 19-20 ASTD Area Conference.
    Q: I was inspired by your presentation but do you have some suggestions for doing any of this on a limited budget?

    A: There are a number of consumer applications like Second Life, Prezi, Fraps, and Xtranormal, that are available for free or minimal cost and require minimal learning curve. For the more serious learning game developer, there’s a free developer’s version of Unity 3D, which is the fastest growing game engine right now.

    Q: I am an instructional designer. What would be my role in the Story approach you describe?

    A: If you have the resources, bring in talent from the entertainment world who understands storytelling and work in partnership with them, provide direction and project management and get out of their way.
    Q: What are the best applications of the technologies you discussed?

    A: The five concepts I discussed: Story telling, mobile, gaming, social and 3D immersive, can be applied to any learning challenge.

    The concept of telling a story over the course of months with dramatized webisodes, launching a television-style show on a regular basis, has been a successful way to reinforce strategic change programs with many of our clients. 3D immersive virtual worlds are particularly effective as a social rehearsal studio, for sales, coaching, and customer services. They are also appropriate for 3D visualization of products or processes.
    Q: Can you give an example of a success story (where you addressed a business need) using one of the technologies you discussed?

    A: The City of New York is finding that the 3D immersive emergency response simulation we developed with CUNY is as effective at 1% of the cost of a live exercise. Watch the video here:

    Our Virtual Rehearsal studio for Avaya in its own web.alive 3D immersive platform is helping its sales force prepare for sales calls through role-playing, more effectively than a class room at a fraction of the cost. Read more:

    The Keynote was delivered by Chuck Salvetti, Director of Chapter Services at ASTD, who presented workplace learning and development data from the State of the Industry Report for 2010.  Salvetti explained that the data shows that organizations are just as committed as ever to learning and development.
    He indicated that U.S. organizations spent $1,228 on average per learner on employee learning and development in 2010. Sixty percent of total expenditures were spent on the internal learning function, such as staff salaries and internal development costs. The remaining forty percent of expenditures were allocated to external services such as workshops, vendors, and external events.
    According to the State of the Industry report, the top three most delivered content areas were:
    1.    Manager/Supervisor learning
    2.    Professional/Industry specific
    3.    Mandatory and compliance

    Attendees had an opportunity to network during the meeting and make new contacts.

    The topics for our next meeting on February 21 are “Designing eLearning Storyboards” and “Emotional Intelligence for Decision-Making” and it will be held at Rebecca’s Café in Newton, MA. Click to register.

  • 13 Dec 2011 9:00 PM | Deleted user
    Battle of the PowerPoint-based eLearning Tools

    Click on the link below to view Mark's presentation.

    Mark Simon, Principal Training Specialist at HiMark Solutions, presented  “ Battle of the PowerPoint-based eLearning Tools” at the December 13 ASTD monthly meeting.  An audience of more than 35 people packed the training room at New Horizons, the meeting host and sponsor.  After reviewing some PowerPoint tips and trick, Simon summarized the features and functions of four tools used to convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning:

    •    Articulate ‘09 Suite
    •    Lectora Snap 1.2
    •    Adobe Presenter 7
    •    iSpring Suite 6.0

    Each tool enables developers to add a table of contents and interactive quizzes, publish online files, and include narration.  Differences exist in the characteristics of each, however, such as cost, usability and development functions. Simon presented details on the tools and then gave participants the opportunity to work with them in hands-on practice sessions. Review Simon’s  presentation.
    Brain Shea, a business technology professional, commented on the meeting in his blog, “The eLearning event illustrated the value of being exposed to different perspectives and industries.  I learned about techniques/tools that I had never heard of before.” Read Shea’s blog.

    Don’t miss the January 17 ASTD  meeting, which will feature:
    Tech Talk
    Superpowers of Learning - Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D President, Gronstedt Group

    State of the Industry - Chuck Salvetti, Director, Chapter Services, ASTD

    Register for the January meeting.

  • 26 Nov 2011 10:33 AM | Deleted user
    Laughter could be heard as close to 30 people participated in the spirited Networking Extravaganza on Nov. 15th at Rebecca’s Café in Newton, MA. The Extravaganza was co-facilitated by Peggy Page, Learning Solutions Manager at TD Bank, and Fran Liautaud, a Communication and Leadership Coach. Both facilitators were from Maine.

    The night began with attendees sharing how they felt about networking and recounting their great and not so great networking experiences. Participants learned realistic tips on how to become more comfortable with networking. Page outlined the three key components of writing a successful elevator speech, while Liautaud explained “Dialog,” her communication technique.

    Attendees wrote their own elevator speeches and experimented with the new techniques in a speed-networking component. Some attendees said that they enjoyed meeting new people and the evening passed too quickly. Our next meeting, a hands-on e-learning workshop, will be held on Dec 13th at New Horizon’s Computer Learning Center in Waltham, MA
  • 26 Oct 2011 11:16 AM | Deleted user
    About the October Meeting: "Overall I think this was the best ASTD event I've ever attended. Both speakers were great and the topic was a hot one!"

    About Pam Boiros' Presentation: "Pam is a finely tuned speaker with great stage presence. She kept to the time allotted precisely and moved through the presentation with a smooth flow. And of course, she knows her stuff. Excellently done!"

    Link below is to the BlackBoard Mobile Presentation

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