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2024 Board of Directors

Nadyme Murteira

VP of Marketing


Nadyme Murteira is an Instructional Designer and eLearning developer with over 10 years of experience designing and developing training content.

In her role as Associate Director, Solution Strategy and Innovation at Santander Bank, Nadyme creates learning experiences and materials that result in the application of knowledge and skills. She applies instructional theories and strategies to determine the needs of the learning event, including what you need your learners to be able to do. Based on these conversations, she is able to make recommendations about the learning activity that could be used to help you with your request.

Nadyme is known for her strong communication skills and collaborative nature. She excels in working closely with subject matter experts, stakeholders, and cross-functional teams to ensure the seamless execution of projects. Her attention to detail, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities allows her to deliver high-quality learning solutions that meet the unique needs of learners.

“I am driven by a passion for lifelong learning, I stay up to speed with emerging trends in the field of instructional design and I actively seek out professional development opportunities to enhance my skills and expand my knowledge base, always striving to provide innovative and effective learning experiences.

When I’m not spending time with my husband and two girls, I love to cook Portuguese dishes and dream about delicious pastries!”

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