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Special Interest Group: Measurement and Evaluation

Increase the credibility and value of your learning and development programs through measurement and evaluation!

Why Start a Measurement SIG?

Measuring and evaluating the results of learning have long been key competencies for Learning and Development professionals, which enables us to demonstrate business value and continuously improve processes for enhancing performance and results. L&D leaders have more recently embraced the emerging field of “Learning Analytics” to increase their ability to track and increase effectiveness in a dynamic business environment, using the latest data sources and analytical tools.

While L&D Leaders often consider investing in Learning Analytics a high priority, they also are often limited in their abilities to gather, aggregate and analyze information. Frequently, these challenges lead to making decisions based on intuition rather than robust data and rigorous analysis.

The Greater Boston ATD Chapter has a significant opportunity to address this need and to add value to its members, their businesses and to the L&D field, by launching a Learning Analytics Special Interest Group.

Measurement SIG Mission

The mission of the group is to enhance members’ professional development in measurement and evaluation; to increase the effectiveness of their L&D organizations through measurement and evaluation; and to engage with the global community of L&D practitioners in applying measurement and evaluation to deliver performance and results through learning.

The group addresses a wide range of topics, from getting started in defining methods, tools and processes of data collection, to more advanced applications, such as, measuring technology-enabled and blended learning. The group welcomes members with little or no background in measurement and evaluation, through more experienced practitioners.

Why Consider Joining the Measurement SIG?

The benefits of participating in the group will include:

    • Enhancing your professional development in the area of measurement and evaluation
    • Sharing measurement challenges and gaining insight and advice from others
    • Engaging in dialogue with subject matter experts
    • Providing information, tools and advice to fellow L&D practitioners in your organization
    • Demonstrating to executive stakeholders how you are increasing performance and results through learning
    • Making a contribution toward advancing the effectiveness of L&D worldwide, through more robust measurement and evaluation

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