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2024 Board of Directors

Lauren Sullivan

Past President


Lauren has been volunteering with the ATD Greater Boston Board since 2016. She started as a Director of Social Media, then moved into the Technology area, working as Director and eventually moving into the VP of Technology role. After years of volunteering, Lauren tackled the President role for the chapter in 2023 and is now looking forward to working with the wonderful 2024 board as Past President!

Outside of ATD Greater Boston, Lauren is the manager of the IT Training Team at MathWorks, where she and her team design change management plans, training materials, and communications to support IT rollouts and changes within the company. Before working at MathWorks, Lauren was a high school teacher, teaching 4 years of Spanish in Massachusetts public schools, and 3 years of English in public schools in Spain. Lauren loves cooking, traveling, hiking, calligraphy, and spending time with her family and friends.

You can reach Lauren at or find her on LinkedIn:

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